App Movement – A new crowd commissioning platform for mobile apps

I’ve been working on a new platform,, along side some of the chaps in the lab which enables anyone to propose, design and develop a mobile application without the need to code. You can get your friends involved in supporting the idea and design it together by submitting contributions and voting on each others ideas. It’s like Kickstarter for apps and instead of money just need to get friends to show their support for the idea.

It works through a templating system which means we can quickly develop new apps with differing styles and content with a different community behind each one. At the moment you can create Location Based Review Apps – TripAdvisor style rating  apps for places worldwide. We’ve found this to be very successful and empowering to communities already in the Feed-Finder mobile app which allowed breastfeeding mothers to rate and review local business for how friendly and accepting they are of breastfeeding in public.

We’ve seen some great ideas already on the platform such as an app to find Dementia Friendly Places, Best Place to Fly Your Drone, and Gluten Free Restaurants to just name a few.

If you want to create your own mobile application visit and start your App Movement today.