Resolve Docker time drift between container and host machine

I’ve had a number of projects now that use Let’s Encrypt and AWS services which are time sensitive for generating things like SSL certificates or for generating signed CloudFront one time access URLs.

However, over time these services are affected by a time drift between the Docker container and the host machine and results in expired SSL certificates or signed URLs resolving with Access Denied or Authorization Failed.

In order to sync your host time to your Docker container you can simply map timezone and localtime as volumes within the container.

    - /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone
    - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime

Building an Amazon Dash Button doorbell that sends you push notification and snapshot

Over the last few days I’ve been working away on making an Amazon Dash Button doorbell that sends you a notification through the IFTTT with a snapshot from a MotionEyeOS camera that I’ve got setup on my front door. The image snapped from the door cam is uploaded to an Amazon AWS S3 Bucket and sent in the IFTTT notification to my phone. Then I can take a sneaky peak at who has pressed my doorbell 🙂

IFTTT Notification (including the S3 link to the MotionEyeOS image)

Full tutorial to follow, meanwhile visit the repo here:

*bonus* – It even playsThe Next Generation doorbell sound when pressed!